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17 November 2021

Singleton Water Licence Decision

Following the Water Resources Review Panel’s assessment of the Singleton Station water licence, the Minister for Territory Families and Urban Housing (as delegate for the Minister for Water Security) has announced that an amended water extraction licence has been granted for Fortune Agribusiness with some new and modified conditions. 

8 April 2021

Grant of Singleton Groundwater Extraction Licence

Fortune Agribusiness welcomes the grant of a groundwater extraction licence from the NT Controller of Water Resources on behalf of the NT Government today. It is an important next step in the approvals process for this project.

14 September 2021

Singleton Horticulture Project

Small Scale Crop Trials

Fortune Agribusiness (FA) has been developing a detailed plan for a horticulture project on Singleton Station since 2015. The site was chosen by FA because it has immediate access to key infrastructure such as power, road and rail and overlies suitable groundwater resources. The region is also relatively free of pests and diseases and has favourable soils and climate for many crops. 

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